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Binance Smart Chain $BSC

BNB was initially launched on Ethereum but was later switched to the Binance Chain, designed for ultra-fast trading. However, due to the intrinsic constraints of blockchain systems, the chain does not have much flexibility to use smart contracts. As a result, scalability was limited. To address this, developers designed the Binance Smart Chain, a new blockchain that is fully equipped to produce high-performing decentralized applications (DApps). The Binance Smart Chain runs alongside the Binance Chain but uses smart contract functionality and is Ethereum compatible. The objective was to retain Binance Chain's high speed while incorporating smart contracts into its ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain $BSC: Projects

Bridge Information

$THC token contract address on Binance Smart Chain $BSC

$THC info on uniswap V3

THC/BNB LP on Uniswap V3

Dex tools - swaps/info

The bridge

Binance Smart Chain $BSC: List
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