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Image by Mario Purisic

V.I.P / Notables

Proud to present those who have shown great support and drive to continually improve $THC

V.I.P / Notables: MVP



The mastermind behind the $THC Dapp, providing utilities throughout the Algorand ecosystem, an integral part of the community providing support for many projects and all round genius developer.

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$THC Logo Designer

Feli won the community token design competition with her amazing creation which is now the verified logo for $THC. Aswell as rocking the title of co-founder of Womp Crew alongside @VultureAlgo.


Womp Crew

Party Partners

Since token launch, Womp crew has and continues to show major support for $THC. From hosting music to community games, Womp has you covered. Co-founded by the brilliant @vulturealgo & @felseles



Token and Buddies Creator

The creator of $THC and Buddies NFT project. A committed, long term creator supporting Womp crew and providing a hub for $THC via the Buddies Discord & Twitter.



Liquidity partners & ASA team

GRAMO is an ASA based in the cannabis and CBD industry working with leading cannabis stores globally. The team have partnered with THC to provide and lock THC/GRAMO liquidity, also generously donating towards the LP rewards program.



Liquidity Partner & Creator

Foxxy is an NFT & music creator behind well-known projects including Lil Foxxy and PristinePrism ( A.K.A PristinePrincess ). Partnered with THC to provide long term PRSMS/THC liquidity with their project community token PRSMS.

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Crescendo Team

Liquidity Partners & ASA team

Crescendo is an ASA membership token working to cultivate and amplify music & art creator communities. THC has partnered with Crescendo to provide a boost to liquidity in THC/CRSD.


ButtCoin Team

Liquidity Partners & ASA team

Buttcoin began as a memecoin to showcase the power and speed of Algorand but has since grown into something much bigger. Boasting its own NFT collection and high TVL. The team has partnered with THC to boost BUTT/THC liquidity. Also generously donating towards the LP rewards program.


Khaaa Community

Liquidity Partner & Community token

A coin dedicated to the co-founder of Womp, widely supported by various projects and a token rewarded by certain NFT collections. THC has partnered with @vulture.algo (womp co-founder) to provide a boost to the Khaaa/THC LP. Also generously donating to the LP rewards program.



Lotto System & ASA team

Lottorace is a project that 'aims to create a fair, sustainable, universally accessible, and verifiable gambling system', currently featuring a 0% cut for the house, running on Algorand. LottoRace has worked with THC to be among their listed ASAs for use along with their own ASA $LOTTOR.


Card Team

Liquidity Partners & Creators

Card is an educational experiment token helping provide liquidity in various pairings throughout the community via the sales of specially created NFT cards and donations. Card team has produced excellent THC/CARD focused NFTs and worked with THC to boost the liquidity pairing.


Taco Coin

Liquidity Partner & Taco Business

Taco Coin team is behind the Real world business that is Dora's Tacos food truck. Utilising $TACOS as payment options for various food products with restaurant and bar locations coming in 2024. THC has worked with the team at Taco coin to boost the liquidity between tokens.

oZAkTJOA (1)_edited.png


Liquidity Partner & E-commerce Launchpad

The Dollars' General aims to bridge web2 and web3 e-commerce by building a launchpad for small business vendors who wish to exchange their real life products for Algorand thus giving users a one stop shopping experience. THC has worked with the DGEN team to provide a large boost to LP between project tokens


Press.algo Team

Liquidity Partner & Online Monetised Platform

Press.algo has created an online economic space where ideas and images are exchanged seamlessly, by charging creators upfront and allowing them to earn their money back at low cost to consumers. The $PDAT team has generously donated to rewarding THC holders and boosting LP between the pair.


Peperium Community

Liquidity Partner & Memecoin

$PEPS is a meme token that harnesses the cutting-edge technology of Algorand. Aiming to showcase the speed, security and energy efficiency of the blockchain. Initially distributing tokens evenly among participants, ensuring a democratic and widespread ownership model. $PEPS community has worked with THC to reward holders and boost LP between tokens.


Happy Hoomens

Liquidity Partners & NFT Project

Happy Hoomens is a blockchain gaming NFT project. Aiming to bridge the education gap between web2 & web3 gaming communities and charities through entertaining learning focused initiatives. HH have worked with THC to provide liquidity and NFTs that have gone for THC auctions on the Dapp.



Multi-chain NFT Project

Algolem is a long standing NFT project spanning blockchains such as Algorand and XRPL. Providing games via discord and NFT staking opportunities for their community token $BATU, which they have generously donated to the $THC rewards wallet.



NFT Project

Spawnlings is a strong community led NFT project based on the Algorand blockchain. Bringing utility to their NFTs with staking for the community token $SOULS, via their live Dapp featuring NFT auctions and generously donating tokens to the $THC rewards wallet.


StonerAlgo Community

NFT & Meme Token community

StonerAlgo community consists of the StonerHoopers NFT collection directly connected to the discord game, the Strain Library designed to educate about the varieties of cannabis and their Meme token $TOKE providing discord privileges with rewards for holders. StonerAlgo has generously donated both $TOKE and their community token $STONER to the $THC rewards wallet.


Ponchik Team

Meme ASA/NFT team & LP partners

Ponchik isn’t your average meme coin; it’s a digital diary chronicling the whimsical life and escapades of Ponchik, bringing laughter, charm and surprises to the web3 environment. $THC has proudly worked with Ponchik to provide a substantial LP boost in $PURR/$THC.


The Legends Project

ASA community & LP Partner

An ASA 'Built by the people for the people', showcasing partnerships with Viiral Legends social media and Learning with Legends online services platforms. $TLP has been generous enough to work with $THC in a LP partnership in which tokens have been locked until the year 7777.


Pythalgoras Team

Meme ASA / LP Partner

Pythalgoras is a unique meme token focusing on the integration of python coding into algorand tech and hoping to attract the wider web3 community to Algorand. $THC has collaborated with $PYTHON to open and boost our LP provisions.


Cabal Community

Community token & LP Partner

$CABAL is a, 'community-driven decentralized organization focused on sustainability'. Taking scarcity to a new level via burning significant supply and boasting a high level of community as shown by winning 3rd in the Folks CCC on Pact platform. $THC are proudly collaborating with $CABAL to boost our respective token LP.

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