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LP & Stake Information


All information, images, links and text provided throughout this website is in no way intended/constitutes or to be used as financial advice. Always do your own research, due dilligence and remember your capital is always at risk when investing in cryptocurrencies.

LP Programs & Staking: Services

LP boost & rewards program

If you are a new or existing project looking to partner for liquidity provisions or LP rewards please use the contact form, contact via X (previously known as twitter)/discord or Telegram.

THC Holder Incentives

All THC holders with a minimum balance of 10k should receive a daily token drop until the drip wallet balance runs empty. This includes THC held in any LP. (Next round of daily drips will be $HSED) Check back for more updates.

LP soft staking 

Verify your LP balance and opt into the current reward ASAs each round on the Dapp to receive daily drops

Community LP Farm

Current ALGO/THC LP Farm on Cometa is live earning THC, check back for future updates

One Time Airdrops

Opportunities may arise where $THC holders are eligible for one time airdrops if opted into the specified ASA, follow 'X' or discord updates to catch them.

NFD Segments

Plans for thehighcommunity.algo segment holders announced soon. Grab yours today from the link below to join the community segment list.

Soft Stake NFT

Holding a THC Stake Card NFT allows the owner to be eligible for one year of guaranteed weekly THC airdrops. (One year beginning from the date the final card sold on primary market)

Folks Finance CCC

THC placed 3rd in the Folks community coin competition allowing those providing gAlgo/THC LP to join a farm via Tinyman for a share of the Algo rewards

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